Choosing the correct profile type on ProfHub

We have put together a digital profiling structure splitting user registration into two (2) main categories, for individuals and entities. Individual accounts are for people in their personal or professional capacity, whereas Business / Entity Accounts have been built for registered entities. View options below:

Individual Account

Professionals can list their services on a local digital platform that promotes transparent and fair referral processes whilst promoting professional networking. At ProfHub, we strive to connect different professional occupations strategically, further promoting cross industry collaboration. Building a professional and transferable digital profile has never been easier.

Business or Entity Account

Businesses, NGO’s, NPO’s, Churches, and other entities can publish their services, offerings, and objectives on a professional platform that promotes them to registered users whilst also advertising their services on other social networks. Companies with referral agreements can publish their referral programs to listed professional and direct marketers.


Digital Profiling Simplified

Individuals Profiles have been put together in such a way that it essentially connects all other digital profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more) and allows for other structured professional networking and rating capabilities and much more.

Professional Location

Professionals can capture their professional location or region of service upon registration, publishing their services in specific regions. This provides prospective clients with the ability to search for professionals within regions of choice or by distance from them.

Professional Smart Tags

Every professional can choose from “Professional Smart Tags” available upon registration. Unique smart tags can be created after registration, with every occupational type having their own unique collection of Smart Tags. Smart Tags publishes your services in categories, making it easy for clients to connect with your services.

Ratings & Reviews

Professionals & Businesses can enhance their digital reputation by obtaining reviews from other businesses, professionals, and clients. Unfair and damaging reviews can be flagged, protecting the reputation of the business or professional whilst at the same time increasing the legitimacy of the professional network.

You Promote / We Promote

Quick sharing functions allow professionals and businesses to share their digital profiles with existing and prospective clients to increase professional engagements. It should be noted that ProfHub actively promotes and shares professional profiles and business offerings on other digital platforms (Active networking, strategic partnerships, and paid ads).

MyProfHub Networking

Every premium paying member (Businesses, Professionals, Marketers, Clients) receives their “myprofhub” affiliation / tracking code. The MyProfHub initiative provides businesses and individuals with the opportunity to share their profile and that of listed professionals and businesses and potentially earn an additional income from successful client engagements.