From business networking to digital marketing, ProfHub really does a few things differently. Read more about how ProfHub could benefit your business.


View other listed professionals or job seeker that have listed their services on ProfHub. View Financial Advisors, Estate Agents, or Job Seekers, and more.


We have put together a digital profiling structure splitting user registration into two (2) main categories, for individuals and entities.


Business Networking

Business Profiles have been constructed in such a way that it publishes your business together with your other digital profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more). A business profile on ProfHub essentially promotes your networking agreement to networkers, professionals, and other businesses looking to connect your services to their client base.

Professional Location

Businesses can capture their professional location “Optional” or region of service upon registration, publishing their earning opportunities in specific regions. This function provides prospective networkers with the ability to search for specific businesses in different categories. Publishing your company on ProfHub MAPS promotes your services locally.

Business Smart Tags

Companies can select strategic “Business Smart Tags” available upon registration. Unique smart tags can be created after registration. Smart Tags publishes your company in specific business categories, making it easy for clients, networkers, and professionals to connect with and promote your services and offerings.

Ratings & Reviews

Professionals & Businesses can enhance their digital reputation by obtaining reviews from other businesses, professionals, and clients. Unfair and damaging reviews can be flagged, protecting the reputation of the business or professional whilst at the same time increasing the legitimacy of the professional network.

They Promote / We Promote

Quick sharing functions together with the “MyProfHub” affiliation program allows professionals and other businesses to share your ProfHub profile. Other listed businesses and professionals are incentivized to promote your services and offerings, in the process increasing your digital presence whilst increasing their earning potential.

MyProfHub Networking

Every premium paying member (Businesses, Professionals, Marketers, Clients) receives their “myprofhub” affiliation / tracking code. The MyProfHub initiative provides businesses and individuals with the opportunity to share their profile and that of listed professionals and businesses and potentially earn an additional income from successful client engagements.


View listed Financial Advisors within specific categories, regions of choice and more. Get in touch, contact them, and review the level of service you receive.


View Legal Practitioners from across South Africa within specific categories, regions of choice and more. Get in touch, contact them, and review the level of service you receive.


View Job Seekers that have published their profiles on ProfHub. Filter candidates by ideal employment tags, ideal income, professional location, and much more.


ProfHub provides listing capabilities and directories to client for financial advisors, estate agents, legal practitioners, Job Seekers, Artisans, Businesses, NGO’s, NPO’s and more.