Professionals, businesses, and employers can choose to publish different vacancy types. Specifically noting the job opportunity period and region of vacancy (On-site or remote).


Vacancy publishers can choose to select the job categories. Available categories include general Job Seeker, Financial Service, Real Estate, and more (With more categories to be launched).


Job Seekers can filter vacancies by, region, key word, region or town, type, or even category. Finding the right opportunity is key to professional success and personal fulfilment.


View listed Financial Advisors within specific categories, regions of choice and more. Get in touch, contact them, and review the level of service you receive.


View Legal Practitioners from across South Africa within specific categories, regions of choice and more. Get in touch, contact them, and review the level of service you receive.


View listed Businesses from across South Africa offering specific services and products. Request assistance or get redirected to preferential client servicing domains.


ProfHub provides listing capabilities and directories to Clients, Financial Advisors, Estate Agents, Legal Practitioners, Job Seekers, Artisans, Businesses, NGO’s, NPO’s and more.


See what professionals and businesses are posting about. Posts on ProfHub are mostly focused on professional topics, products, services, and networking opportunities.

Individual Account

Professionals can list their services on a local digital platform that promotes transparent and fair referral processes whilst promoting professional networking. At ProfHub, we strive to connect different professional occupations strategically, further promoting cross industry collaboration. Building a professional and transferable digital profile has never been easier.

Business or Entity Account

Businesses, NGO’s, NPO’s, Churches, and other entities can publish their services, offerings, and objectives on a professional platform that promotes them to registered users whilst also advertising their services on other social networks. Companies with referral agreements can publish their referral programs to listed professional and direct marketers.
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View recently published posts, galleries, products, and services from listed professionals and businesses on ProfHub.

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View recently published galleries on ProfHub. Professionals and businesses publish content related to products and services on a regular basis.

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About Us

ProfHub has been established to impact on and enhance the professional networking landscape.

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