Our directories have been built with simplicity in mind, making it easy for someone browsing the platform to find a business solution or professional as close to them as possible, validated, reliable, and effective.


Speaking about validated and verified, ProfHub also allows clients and professionals to rate and review each other publicly. Making professionals and businesses on ProfHub, accountable to the Professional Network.


With a collection of businesses and professionals, we decided to take it a step further. ProfHub now includes Job Seeker Profiles together with structured referral agreements. Referral agreements that enable earning opportunities.

ProfHub provides similar functions to that of other social networks with the added benefit of publicly visible professional and business directories coupled with digital earning abilities.

Our founders consist of financial advisors and legal practitioners in South Africa, together with other technical specialists that have come together to establish an innovative digital solution.


How to guides have been put together to better explain the practical use of different professional and business profiles. Better describing functions and capabilities in more detail.

Professional Directories and User Profiles

With our user-based approach, we seek to establish a localized digital platform that not only promotes listed professionals and businesses, but strategically connects them to an effective and efficient professional workflow of consumer solutions.


Professionals, Networkers, and Job Seekers can now publish their services and capabilities on a platform open to the public, all whilst capturing important occupation specific business focusses.


Businesses can now connect their referral agreements to a professionally active community looking to promote their offering. Businesses can furthermore categorize their services and offerings.


Social networking is key, and we have therefore created a digital solution that provides everything needed to best describe your services, with added social networking like functions.


Categorizing your services, line of business, and business focus has never been easier. Select from existing smart tags or create your own smart tags after registration, simplifying our directories.


ProfHub provides a validated and trusted network of local professionals and listed businesses, making it easy for clients to find a reputable professional, simply, and effectively.


Clients, professionals, and businesses can review each other on our services. Ensuring the reputability of our professional network whilst increasing reputable engagements.


We promote our services, professionals, and listed businesses with generated revenue whilst our registered users actively promote themselves and ProfHub pages on social media.


All registered users with active ProfHub Memberships benefit from our growing business directory, increasing their earning potential through the “myprofhub” affiliate initiative.


ProfHub has been brought to life by innovative and dedicated professionals active within the South African professional landscape. The Leadership Team brings a wealth of experience from multiple industries, and furthermore complements each other to balance innovation, skills, entrepreneurship, and technical knowledge.

Shaun de Klerk

CEO – Founder

Shaun has been involved in multiple projects throughout different industries over the past 12 years such as the real estate and related industries, thereafter, joining a leading financial services provider as a representative and remaining committed to the industry ever since.

Sharné Gous

CLO – Chief Legal Officer

Sharné has innovatively developed her legal profile over the past 10 years and holds a BA, LLB and LLM degree. She’s determined, driven by wit, integrity, and persistence. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team.

Jaco Marais

COO – Chief Operating Officer

Jaco brings a wealth of experience in the form of business networking capabilities together with his unique understanding of the South African financial services industry assisted by educational background, Jaco continuously strives to uplift and mentor people around him.

It has been increasingly exhilarating to be in such close collaboration with a platform that I believe has the potential to change the world. Profhub focuses on maximising each occupation and establishment’s distinct ability to connect, expand and thrive – effectively.

Profhub will undeniably establish new frontiers for business success nationally and soon enough, globally.

Sharne Calista Gous
View Sharne's Profile

I am thrilled to be a part of the ProfHub team! Looking forward to building my clientele and relationships with co-professionals.

Liezel Schoeman Clark
View Liezel's Profile

Being part of the Profhub platform might seem like a biased review, but as a financial adviser the platform is unique and brings a simple yet effective way for clients to engage with me. This professional platform can actually generate new connections and opportunities if used correctly.

I would recommend Profhub to any professional looking to build a sustainable way of networking.

Jaco Marais – Sanlam
View Jaco's Profile

ProfHub is an incredible platform built for professionals, I’m happy to list my professional services on a uniquely South African professional directory.

Great work to the ProfHub Team, I can’t wait to see where this goes!

Stephen Volschenk
View Stephen's Profile

ProfHub is a great initiative for any professional person that wants to make use of it!

Jul het n wenner hier!

Anneli du Preez – Sanlam
View Anneli's Profile

Phenomenal platform to be affiliated with. I truly believe that this is going to grow exponentially. The founding team work extremely well together, and their vision will undoubtedly be a benefit to all on board.

Keep up the professional conduct and networking mindset guys. Any intelligent person knows that it will pay off in time.

Rakesh Jeewan – Fairbairn Consult
View Rakesh's Profile

How To Profile Explainer & Code of Conduct


How to pages better explain the different functions and features of occupationally specific profiles. More “How to” explainer pages would be created for every user profile structure on our services.


Our professional network has a living “Code of Conduct”, that is regularly updated and enhanced to continuously better structure our professional framework and operational requirements.